The Wizard

Indiewire – Best Reviewed Documentaries of 2015
The New York Times – (Critic’s Pick) “A jaunty, jovial portrait with a surprising sting in its tail”
The Wall Street Journal – “Wonderful… the film deserves to be seen”
The LA Times – “‘An Honest Liar’ isn’t simply a career recap or a fond portrait; the movie takes exhilarating turns…”
New York Magazine – “Exhilirating… An Honest Liar depicts a great American original”
Variety – “Highly entertaining… Randi is an antic, engaging subject with a showman’s streak of hambone”
Washington Post – “A level of depth that enriches and complicates its message”
POV Magazine – “An expert flair for captivating storytelling” – “Extraordinary, not-to-be missed”
The Boston Globe – “Masterfully orchestrated”
Chicago Sun Times – “Directed with style”
The Philadelphia Inquirer – “Seeing their personal lives feels like a real privelege”
The Salt Lake Tribune – “A clear-eyed but warm-hearted look at Randi’s life and career”
This is Infamous – “A stunning example of documentary film making”
Movie Buzzers – “Charismatic, highly intelligent, and simply a hoot to watch”
The Film Stage – “Exceptionally told… an incredibly story”
ArtsATL – “Dramatically, expertly captures the Amazing Randi’s greatest illusion”
Ur Chicago – “Bold, beautiful and exceptionally blistering in its critique of human cowardice in the form of duplicity”
Allflicks – “not since Orson Welles’ F is For Fake (1973) has there been a better examination of what makes a fraud, the power of illusion, the construction of a hoax, and the public’s desire to be deceived.”